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Sommelier Alessandra Rotondi hosts a Cognac Dinner attended by Mr. Big (Sex and the City) at Brasserie Cognac



Alessandra Rotondi, Sommelier and Wine Consultant, was asked by Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato to host one of their very special events at Brasserie Cognac, an ideal journey through the charming world of Cognac, the most famous brandy in the world.

The novelty has been given by cognac itself: there has not been just a tasting of gorgeous labels, but something brand new: a 4 courses dinner in which every course has been paired with a different cognac, from the appetizer, until the dessert.

It has been a fascinating experience  during which cognac has been described from a technical point of view but also enhancing its seductive, glamorous, fascinating aspects, starting from a survey realized by Vittorio Assaf, on the deliciousness of  “…a sip of Cognac which gives a relaxing and inebriated sensation that slowly finds its way down, leaving long legs of pleasure on the glass and in your mouth…”.

During the dinner, Alessandra explained how incredible is the cognac world, how many references exist between cognac, charm and poetic ways to describe it…

As Alessandra said: “…‘Heart’ is the technical name given to the best alcohol deriving from the second distillation;  ‘Warming up’ is the translation of the French ‘la Chauffe’ meaning the best result of the distillation; ‘Paradise’ is the name of the darkest cellar where the oldest cognac is kept for ageing; ‘Angel’s share’ is the technical name given to the cognac which evaporates as time goes by; ‘Eau-de-vie’ is what a cognac is… a liquid of life! Everything remind just ‘pleasure’…”.

Who better than Chris Noth, the ‘Mr. Big’ of ‘Sex and the City’, who attended the event at Brasserie Cognac, to confirm how seduction is related with Cognac, as explained by Alessandra? He gave an added value to the already charming and elegant atmosphere inspired by Cognac.

Don’t Chris, with Vittorio, Fabio and Alessandra herself, look very seductive and having a great time in this picture?



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