The best way to have Wine starring in your glass or on TV,
enjoy, have fun, arise passion, make friends or just networking

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Wine Seduction™ in a nutshell

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Wine Seduction® is the fine art of using wine to arise passion and sensuality, and drive them to higher levels.

It is also the best way to have wine starring on TV and to introduce a specific wine to an audience.

Not to mention to enlarge your social circle, impress people, capturing their attention and, why not, even their heart.

Wine Seduction® is not a lecture;
it's a state of mind, a fantastic  new way to understand and appreciate wine, a charming adventure where anyone can be the protagonist, have fun and spend a “one in a lifetime” experience, learning how to use wine to arise passion and sensuality, celebrating the joys of love, courtship, romance when associated with Wine & Food!

Why having boring techiichal wine tastings with snobby "espertts" that look you down when you can experience and learn about the secret  seductive tools of wine?

Wine Seduction® Events are hosted by Sommelier Alessandra Rotondi

Imagine the Wine Seduction® Experience as an ideal "date", a romantic path to love, where every step will be inspired and guided by the unique seductive characteristics of wines paired with gorgeous food !
But there is more: since  “Any wine has its own personality and even a gender, exactly like a human being” wines will be paired also with fashion, jewels, poetry, music, situations...
That’s seductive!

What about the steps in the middle? It’s like a date:
the best has always still to come !

Through the Wine Seduction® Experience, you and all your
“Wine Connoisseurs Friends”
will be able to

Learn the culture of wine (basics and much more)
Plus ...
Enjoy your Partner;
Find and Conquer a new one;
Enlarge your social circle; Impress people; Capture attention and even Close a deal!
and finally you will be turned into
Wine Seduction Experts in just one night !

Would you like to live an unforgettable experience?
Join us and you will learn how to express yourself like a wonderful, excellent, rare Vintage WINE!
One in Decades !!!

Do you know why the period after the wedding, during which the bride and the groom are supposed to spend all their time making love, is called “the honey moon”? It’s because in ancient times, during the first month of marriage, the couple, in order to increase their sexual capacities, used to drink a mixture of wine and honey.

Also, Marc Anthony first fed grapes to Cleopatra, and drunk wine with honey with her. Not surprisingly, wine tops the list of aphrodisiac beverages.

Wine Seduction® can be a way to become  a “Geisha Wine” or a “Valentino Wine” or simply know the technique you can use so you can pull them out of your "glass" if needed.

Why having the minimum, the normal, the average if you are worth the maximum? Be sparkling as the most expensive Champagne Cuvée; fresh and easy as a White Wine; ever lasting as Reserve Red Wine; charming as the Dessert Wine.

You are worth it. You are like a fine wine, in a Magnum Bottle. You need the right time and the right occasion to be appreciated properly.

Wine Seduction® Tastings will teach you how to express yourself like a wonderful, excellent, rare WINE!

Wine Seduction is a glamourous and entertaining way to approach both human beings and wines, why do not share it with the people you love! (click here)



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