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Sommelier Alessandra Rotondi
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Alessandra Rotondi was born in Rome, Italy, but her ancestors came from a small town called San Gusmé, a jewel in the “Gallo Nero” area of Chianti Classico in Tuscany.

Sommelier Alessandra Rotondi is a multifaceted professional working in several areas related to food and wine.
She is the wine consultant of over 20 restaurants around the world, from New York to Tokyo, from Moscow to Mumbay, from Miami to Sao Paolo.

She was born in Rome, Italy, but her ancestors came from a small town in Chianti Classico, Tuscany.

When still a student of Political Sciences, she was hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador to serve as Liason Officer in the Embassy of Ecuador to the Republic of Italy and UN Agencies in Rome. Even after she got the doctorate in International Law she kept on serving the Ecuadorian Government for several years, establishing a deep friendship with people and authorities, maintained still now.

Indeed, starting in 2002, Alessandra felt the need to honor her ancestors’ legacy by going back to her roots and she entered the wine world. After intense study and much hands-on experience, Alessandra received the Professional Degree of Sommelier by the Italian Sommeliers Association in Rome.

In 2006, Alessandra quit the Diplomatic service to fully embrace her new career in the wine world and moved to New York where now she lives and works.

With a profound knowledge and experience hands-on in the wine and restaurant industry, Alessandra has served as Wine Consultant and Sommelier to many restaurants in Manhattan, starting from Barbetta, the over 100 years old restaurant in the city, where she managed a wine list of over 1,600 labels, with over 10,000 bottles stored in the cellar.

In 2007, Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato -owners of Serafina Restaurant Group, 12 restaurants in New York and abroad- chose Alessandra as their Executive Wine Consultant and Sommelier. She is still in charge of all the company’s wine lists.

In April of 2008, Alessandra Rotondi was hired by Ivana Trump as Wine Consultant for her Wedding at Mar a Lago, Palm Beach.

Alessandra cooperates also with the US Italian Trade Commission as Consultant and Wine Expert and hosts special events planned by other Italian governmental institutions based in New York.

She is also a Writer for the most specialized and popular Italian magazines that focus on wine, food, lifestyle and trends. She wrote also short novels for the Italian publishing, all inspired by wine.

On the issue, in June 2010, Alessandra has been nominated for the "Best Wine Writer Award” at the International Wine Oscars held in Rome, Italy.

In addition, Alessandra the US Correspondent for Radio Montecarlo -Italian radio network broadcasting nationwide with a over 1 million audience- reporting weekly about trends and events in NYC and the USA.

National Italian and American TVs channels & radios, such asFox Businerss, RAI Tg2 News, Mediaset Tg5 News; La7TV News; Sky TV Network; the Daily El Mundo -addressing worldwide to the Spanish speaking community- and the American TV Networks NBC, have reported about Alessandra‘s manifold activities in New York, as Sommelier and Wine Consultant, On March 2011, the popular TV Network Foxnews interviewed Alessandra as creator of Wine Seduction™

Wine Seduction®, http://www.wineseduction.comis a unique way to approach, taste and enjoy wine, which include events in upscale venues, luxury stores, cultural centers private residences.

Based on the philosophy and research that created Wine Seduction®, wines can be approached and described not only by their well known technical characteristics, but also by their hidden characteristics. These “secret characteristics” make them “tools of seduction” for dating; spicing up an already existing relation; improving one’s social skills and enjoying wine at a higher more conscious level.  

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Donne del Vino
(Women of the Wine)
US Correspondent for 10 magazines  
Alessandra Rotondi Sommelier for the wine list of Brasserie Cognac  
Alessandra Rotondi wine consultant for Brasserie Cognac - Serafina Group  

Wine & celebrities expert on air from New York for Radio Monte Carlo
(to listen to her - click here)

Pope John Paul II  
President of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi  

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